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Cyrus A

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Dublin [Nov. 25th, 2009|01:03 pm]
Cyrus A
Dun Laoghaire is pronouced Dun Leary. And spelled that way, occasionally. Here I am in this sea-side town. The shopping areas are very clearly diffferent than the residential areas. The pubs are warm and inviting. The public restrooms difficult to find. See description of pubs. The coast and sea intrigue me most. The history of this place is too extensive for me to be interested in. Little tourist tidbits of information are difficult to contextualize. The two libraries I've been in so far both have had not nearly enough sitting areas or books. But all I wanted was the internet any way. NAVEL GAZING AGAIN. Hungry. Read Brisingr? Already have twice. Well i want to go live in a rural hostel where there'd be less to do. Less bustle I hate bustle.

These contacts are blurring. Skateboarding in the wet. And the wind.

This morning sailed out the east pier. Didn't have to push for ages on that smooth smooth cement. Very nice. Walked leaning into it back. Don't want to buy shoes! Don't want to buy jacket! Don't want to buy nice dinner! Don't want to buy extraordinary holiday experience!