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Cyrus A

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Work Day [Jun. 1st, 2010|08:04 pm]
Cyrus A
My occupation these days is driving around spraying trees. Spruce trees this and last week, crab apple trees the couple weeks before that, austrian pines before that. I've sprayed them with fungicides. I don't know exactly how dangerous the chemicals are to me. The directions say to avoid them. Common sense stuff, like don't let it get on your skin, and don't drink it, and avoid the dust. Co-worker suggests that babies will come out retarded and the grain of truth in that upsets me. But, on the other hand, it's rather easier, that is, less back-breaking, than feeding the chipper or cutting down trees, the other options at this work place, and doesn't involve man-dicing implements. Though the excessive driving is dangerous as well. Especially at 2:30 like the other day when I was falling asleep until I heard an ad on 1040 suggesting that 2:30 is a drowsy time for a lot of folks like you and why don't you go ahead and try this energy drink? Today sprayed 85 spruces. Altogether. Will get paid 130 dollars for those ten hours. That's pretty good by my standards. Come sometime the job will pay for half of my health insurance. with an optical option, which was enticing before I bellied up and paid for an eye exam. Bellied up? Anted up? Manned up? Sucked it up? Bent over?

Drive around town a lot for the job, looking for 45233 45th ct., Clive. Have a good Des Moines map with a nice index of all the streets with ballpark addresses even. Still do a lot of three point turns. Damn truck doesn't allow too many U's.

Today just opted to change oil in car rather than get physical check-up (mandated by work) at the Grace free clinic. Next Tuesday, perhaps.

Finding addresses would perhaps be easier with a GPS device. I resist, though I see it would probably save me time. Can't know every address/block in Des Moines, after all. I know though, that I wouldn't replace the intellectual adventure of finding the place with anything other than a little more intent listening to NPR or the ad 1040 happens to be playing. The time saving would make me a little more relaxed, perhaps more complacent. Nah, not that value-laden. ssss

This past memorial day weekend travelled up into northeast Iowa. Volga River recreation area (mostly for horses), Elkader, Town of volga, Strawberry Point and the largest weeping willow in the state, Joy springs area (not that great), gravel roads through those wooded steep valleys, virgin timber somewhere close to the turkey river and the mississippi (trail-less, we long pants-less, underwhelming), la crosse, probably leaving quite a lot out, finally Dutton's Cave, which was deserted and amazing. Springs bubbling out of the ground. Vacant waterfall revealed cave (trail that led to it was spanned by a stately basswood arch) creek stomped in and looked at the spring water which held some silt similar to glacial flour, giving it a tint, yet it was clear. And cold! The Volga river earlier wasn't so cold, and the sun was so hot, swimming was delightful under the bridge and the high school kids on it. "Hold on to a rock and swim like a fish!" The current was frightening at first but not for long. What mainly composed that fright was aversion to getting shorts wet, which is laughable in hindsight. Decorah parade, whippy dip.

Going to ask for time off for Chris and Sarah's wedding. Fingers crossed for Glacier time. perhaps mt james would be doable? Or good old mt. henry? Phillips just isn't in the cards this summer it seems. straight up Painted teepee and down round the trail... shoot just mt. rockwell.... what would Alicia like? better order those boots quick like if they're going to be broken in at all. Limmers y'all, (!).

workaday goes fast, really, jobs take too much time. i want to get more of those cards done but shoot soon enough it's five and i'm not looking to kill myself here after all. ha, it's so easy. oops oil spill. stupid media covering stupid reactions... i spilled some oil during my oil change. shoot. got some sawdust, soaked it up as best i could. over at parents' now waiting for somebody, anybody to get home. eight and nobody. been here since five thirty. they are so busy i guess. dark out lightening and wind. wonder how many of the jobs i'll have to redo, even though i used that additive that's supposed to make it rain-proof. if i were a customer in the know i'd say, "Rick, that is bullshit get that guy [Cyrus Andrews] out here to do it again." and he'd say "Well, alright Mr. Buber will do. Yes better safe than sorry."

hooooooooooo that feels better.

From: xojebunt
2011-04-15 10:17 am (UTC)
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