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THE WILD MOUNTAIN THYME GROWS AROUND THE BLOOMING HEATHER - sweate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cyrus A

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Cyrus A
I have nothing to do. Nothing I have to do. Lack of money doesn't let me do the things I want to do, such as go to certain places. I could backpack but I don't want to. Soon I'd run out of food anyways. Sugar levels grumpiness depression depths. I want to have friends, but I don't want to make them again. I want to write but can't stand my tone.

Emptiness of I. Down town by the lake for happy wealthy. The optimistic and engaged. Not the type at the bar all the time. Or browsing the goodwill, unable to purchase. Froid void. Warm summertime present. I'll live in the future from here on. Pretend it's already fall.

The prisoner Bowe returned. traded for five murrrdruerers. It is a good development, no matter how sliced. The situation past: What a mess, how the press sanitizes everything. They almost make it seem like public officials do things and have power.

Going to go to school but can't afford it. It's a waste I know. My passion is internet publishing HA HA. i'll pursue that.

groin pains growing panes going rains

brevity span of attention. care, concern. in depth thought is not available quickly. As an adult, I can sit for days on end. I can focus for much of them. My understanding can overcome obstacles, given time or help. I could use a drafting program or suggest a solution. possibly. perhaps not fast enough. but why should I.

you need a photo id to give me my transcripts, of course. you recognize me from the other day, of course, but can't bring yourself to break that rule. for the likes of me, after all who am I to you, perhaps a malfeasant, definitely not overly polite. you need the photo id, and all will be well. here. all is approved, all is fine. all is above board and in view, easily glanced aligned. it was before, but the photo id makes it so official.

fostered child. foster. foster faster. pushed away. right?

wrong. usage: They fostered it on to me? wrong. A good teacher fosters learning. right! right! a foster child has been orphaned doe.

foisted? this annoying child was foist upon us. at least we get the money. there it is. no wonder. pronunciation mite.