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Cyrus A

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Baby Joanie Shower in Bentonsport [Nov. 22nd, 2015|06:57 pm]
Cyrus A
Today got back from Bentonsport. Stayed there last night with my family, Alicia and Joanie, as well as my mother, brother and sister, my aunt and cousin, and other aunt and grandma. It was fun, they gave Alicia and I and Joanie presents on account that Joanie was just born about a month ago.

Went to the farm with Seth, burned a bonfire of brush, as well as some old carpets. The carpets smoked green and black. Can't figure out what to do with that place. It's crumbling, on its way to a ruin but not nearly there yet, currently a filthy, filthy mess pile. Wet as the roof is failing, windows falling out, floors not firm. Not a great place in which to hang out! More alluring is the wilderness feel of the place, nobody goes there, and as my pappy owns it, I have more claim to it than anybody, and so can do any thing that's possible there. Problem being not much is possible, and at no point in the future will anybody ever want to live there, or even visit.

Currently freezing in this computer lab in the West art building at the University of Iowa. The building above the little pond they artificially color. perhaps i can adjust the thermostat. I found it, and did. I doubt it will make much a difference but here's hoping. It is an extremely well ventilated room, is the problem.

Seth has been reading this live journal lately and so I write this to encourage him to write his own. It is a good way to find your voice and feel comfortable writing. I should continue to do it too, perhaps feel better. I end up writing not about the day's events, but feelings of despair, but will attempt not to do that anymore.

We walked around Bentonsport and reminisced. Emily was cold but happy to do it. Neat that Elizabeth lived there for a time. I gave Elizabeth this hat I found at a thrift store, I hope she likes it. And Seth this vest it seems he doesn't. I wish the vest would fit my barrel of a torso.

I watched Joanie after Alicia fed her, Alicia went to the store. It was alert look around time for Joanie, but I wanted to take a nap. So I took her in to the bedroom and, after burping her a bit, laid her next to me, looking at the bright window shade. I was on my side, she in front of me, and I nodded off a bit, not really asleep. She was content to look around. She brought me back with a slight noise, she seemed unhappy in her position. I held her close to me and rolled onto my back, little Joanie face down on my chest. She was unhappy until I got settled on my back. (I rolled slow, as to not shake her around). The moment she lay her ear on my chest, she went to sleep. It was surprising. So sweet, the little one. So I took selfies with her like a moron. Alicia came home and I pretended to sleep so she could find us. We are wise to the cute but Joanie has no idea of it, thank goodness.