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four years since last! - sweate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cyrus A

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four years since last! [May. 27th, 2014|11:01 am]
Cyrus A
An official transcript costs five dollars.
You're kidding, don't I get one with tuition?
No, five dollars per transcript. Ten to rush it.
Okay, here is the cash (I'm surprised I have it, and not pleased to part with it.)
I'm sorry, the registrar doesn't accept payment, only student accounts does, the next window over. Just fill out the purple form, pay students accounts, they'll stamp the form, then bring it back here.
...rude outburst, following directions...
Thank you! Your transcript will be ready in approximately five business days.
When do you think it will be?
Can't say, we'll call you in five business days. Thank you!

So piddling, yet I experience this immense maddening feeling. This lack of means eats away at my composure, and it seems I'm powerless against it. Now potential employers won't see evidence of a winning personality when they check my facebook account, not that they do, or would read to understand this. Look at this evidence of depression. It's a cry for comfort of course. I'll comfort him. It'll be alright Cyrus. I support you. Oh thank you, I know, but when I type my own name Miley is suggested. I can't post this on facebook, livejournal perhaps.